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Online Legal Documents & Precedents with Practice Guides. You’ve come to the right place. All the legal documents on this site have been created and maintained by a top Australian law firm. Online Legal Agreements in this site sells Australian legal documents online for immediate download and use. The legal  documents and agreements online are sold in sets, together with Practice Guides. The Practice Guides give you the background information about the documents, the law surrounding them and how they are generally used. They are drafted by lawyers to be used by lawyers.



Our Online Legal Documents & Precedents practice guides are listed in the menu to your left. Practice Guides contain detailed commentary that tell you how to do the work, as well as giving you the documents to do it. Once you buy them you have access to them for a full year. This includes all updates during that year at no extra cost. If you wish to re-subscribe for another year you get a discounted rate.



Online Legal Documents & Precedents  without having a membership, we also sell single legal documents. We understand that sometimes you don’t want an entire practice guide. You just need that one document. We now have over 100 single documents grouped into over 40 collections to make them easy to find and use. View our extensive range in our single document shop.   You can also access our free legal documents on this site.


Clicking on the ‘Take Me There Now’ button above will take you to the site ‘Precedents Online’ that sells Practice Guides.

The site’s main author Eric Kalde is also the owner of the law firm that produced the documents. The documents sold on this site are developed and kept up to date by Kalde & Associates Commercial Lawyers. Many of the documents and Practice Guides were available on Smokeball. We stopped selling our material through Smokeball on 10 October 2014. We hope you find our new format easier to navigate and use.  We will also  be able to update our material much more quickly and frequently – the main reason we went independent.

Unlike other sites we don’t force you to buy only one version of the document you want in PDF format. The material you can download from this site comes to you in Word format, so that you may edit it and use it as many times as you want.

We don’t force you to buy expensive packages of material you don’t need and may never use.  You can buy single documents as you need them. This gives you a low risk way of testing what we produce and how the site operates. For professionals who practice in a particular field, we also provide Practice Guides.

Our Practice Guides are whole sets of documents with instructions on how to use them called commentary. They are practical, rather than academic. They tell you how to do things, and the practical steps you must take. They don’t dwell on history, case law or other detail that you don’t  need to get the work done right now. They are written for busy professionals with a job to do.

Online Legal Documents
Online Legal Documents